Redesigned Camry Japanese-market Versions features Hybrid System

Toyota announced the launch in Japan today of the redesigned Camry. With this redesign, the Camry has evolved into a new ERA1 sedan with luxurious styling and a bold presence. All Japan-market models are equipped with a hybrid system that uses a newly developed engine to provide outstanding fuel efficiency and drive performance, achieving the prestige and environmental performance befitting the Toyota brand’s flagship mid-sized sedan.

The original Camry debuted in 1980 as the rear-wheel-drive Celica Camry. Since the launch of the global-strategic front-wheel-drive sedan in 1982, cumulative sales have surpassed 14 million vehicles, and the Camry has earned an excellent reputation around the world. The Camry has maintained an unshakable status in the United States, where it has been the best-selling passenger car for nine consecutive years.