Sanyo and Suzuki co-develops e-Let’s electric scooter

Sanyo today announced the co-development of the Electric Drive System with Suzuki. The prototype electric scooter named the e-Let’s, combines a high performance in-wheel motor and a high efficiency control circuit, basically developed by Sanyo, as well as a dedicated charger and a battery system for electric motors’ which uses Sanyo lithium-ion batteries. The e-Let’s weighs almost the same as the petrol-engine model. Also, it offers the smooth acceleration, nimble performance, low noise, low vibration, and zero-emission environmental performance that characterize electric scooters.

The battery is charged from a 100V household outlet. A single charge takes about four hours and gives a range of about 30km. The single seater e-Let’s prototype electric scooter measures 1,665mm x 600mm x 983mm and weigh approximately 74kg (including battery).