Sanyo announces completion of Worlds Largest HIT-equipped Tracking Solar Power Plant

Sanyo today announced the completion of the solar power plant in Torre Santa Susanna, southeast Italy and the world’s largest tracking project utilizing Sanyo’s high-efficiency high-output HIT solar modules. The solar power plant project was originally started by a consortium led by Deutsche Bank’s Asset Finance and Leasing Renewable Energy Division. In December, 2010, construction of the plant was completed and the system was connected to the grid in April, 2011. Sanyo’s role in the project was to provide its highly acclaimed HIT solar modules to the system. The plant is equipped with 32,202 of Sanyo’s HIT-235HDE4 solar modules fitted to solar trackers to maximize the power generation of the modules. With a total system size of 7.567MW, it is one of the largest tracking solar power plants in Europe, and the largest system to use HIT solar modules in the world.

Sanyo’s HIT solar modules, with their high conversion efficiency, high output for their surface area and high level of reliability, have traditionally been very competitive in the market for residential and medium-sized commercial systems. This project has highlighted the suitability of HIT solar modules for large scale systems and has shown their profitability and the long-term investments they can bring.