Sharp develops Worlds thinnest CMOS camera for vehicle rearview monitoring systems

Sharp has developed and will introduce a CMOS camera unit designed for vehicle rearview monitoring systems.The 1/3.7-type RJ642A10000Q CMOS camera unit developed by Sharp features a resolution of 320,000 pixels with the industry’s thinnest profile of 19.5 mm. The Sharp 1/3.7-type RJ642A10000Q CMOS device is a single camera unit integrating a high-sensitivity CMOS image sensor with on-board image processing circuitry and a lens inside a dustproof and waterproof enclosure with an attached video output cable. Due to its compact size and thin profile, it can be installed without interfering with the design aesthetics of the vehicle. When connected to a car navigation system or LCD monitor, guide lines can be overlaid on the display to indicate the vehicle width.

The use of automotive cameras is spreading widely mainly in the Japanese market for rearview monitoring systems that give the driver a view behind the vehicle to avoid accidents and to check parking position. The CMOS camera with NTSC output, measures 19.0 x 19.0 x 19.5 D mm and weigh16.2 g (including 0.25-m cable). Mass production of Sharp CMOS camera will commence on May25, 2010, with a monthly production of 5,000 units.