Sharp system board for drive recorder with world’s first 180° wide-angle lens records the entire view straight ahead

Sharp will introduce into the Japanese market two system boards for drive recorders with an industry-first 180° wide-angle lens that records the entire view straight ahead, to the left, and to the right. These system boards can record a wide range of 180°, covering the view ahead, to the left, and to the right. They are also capable of recording high-resolution images even at a wide angle of view, thanks to image sensor technology and image compression technology developed by Sharp over the years. The approximately six-hour-long Continuous Recording function allows users to play back scenes of potentially dangerous circumstances, where one mistake could have led to an accident, and can also be used to analyze how safely or environmentally friendly someone is driving.

Drive recorders capture images and information from immediately before and after an accident occurs, thus enabling users to understand the circumstances surrounding the accident. Their installation is also expected to have, to a certain degree, an accident-deterring effect. For these reasons, drive recorders are expected to enjoy an expanding market not only for use in trucks, buses, taxis, and other commercial vehicles but also in private vehicles.