Smith Electric to Build World’s First Hydrogen-Electric Hybrid Truck- Smith Newton

Smith Electric UK, the global manufacturer of electric trucks is building an innovative prototype- Smith Newton truck that supplements the battery power with a hydrogen fuel cell. The result will be the world’s first hybrid truck with zero tailpipe emissions. Presently, most hybrid trucks use a diesel engine for trunk roads, switching to battery power for the last few miles of the journey. The Smith Newton uses pure battery power to propel it up to 120 miles (192km) on a single charge.This makes it ideal for operations such as city Centre deliveries, airports and street or building maintenance.

Adding an onboard hydrogen fuel cell to recharge the batteries offers the potential to increase the electric truck’s daily range, without creating any exhaust emissions. This additional flexibility would make ultra-low carbon trucks much more attractive to fleet operators. Along with replenishing the traction batteries, the fuel cell supports auxiliary vehicle functions and provides an on-board electrical supply, which improves ease of maintenance.