STMicroelectronics Unveils Industry First Car-Door Controller IC with Integrated Window Control

STMicroelectronics today announced the market’s first multi-functional door-zone driver with an integrated electric-window control. ST’s newest door actuator driver L99DZ80 redefines the established system topology, removing the need for mechanical relays in car-window control. The innovation slashes component costs and eliminates expensive electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) countermeasures, associated with the existing solutions, while enabling users to enjoy a smoother and quieter car-window operation.

ST’s new door-zone driver supports adjustable window speeds related to the position of the window – soft start and shutdown – and reduces noise levels with the removal of the relay as well. Other features include six bridges for double door-lock control, mirror fold, and mirror-axis control, together with a high-side driver for mirror defroster, bulbs and LEDs. This innovative chip L99DZ80, which reduces bill-of-material costs and offers new levels of passenger comfort, has already been selected for broad adoption at a leading German car manufacturer.

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