Suzuki announces two new fuel-efficient four stroke outboard motors- DF20A and DF15A

Suzuki today announced the launch of two new fuel-efficient and high performance four stroke outboard motors – the all-new DF20A and the new generation DF15A. These new models, which made their world debut at the Düsseldorf Boat Show on the 21st January 2012, will be the first in their class to feature battery-less Electronic Fuel Injection. The new Electronic Fuel Injection system will also be combined with Suzuki’s Lean Burn Fuel Control system, which will result in a number of benefits for boaters such as; easier starts, more responsive acceleration, smoother performance and above all, greater fuel efficiency.

The compact size and light weight of the new Suzuki DF20A and DF15A make them an ideal power match for a wide variety of boats, including; small RIBs and tenders, day boats for in-land waterways and small fishing boats to name but a few. In particular these new outboards will be ideal for entry level boating. The new Suzuki DF20A and DF15A will be available in the early summer of 2012.

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