Suzuki at the 82nd Geneva Motor Show

At the 2012 International Motor Show in Geneva, Suzuki will exhibit a range of models with its latest technologies. These models are a clear statement towards a new phase of motorization, from the Japanese manufacturer who is an expert of compact car development. At the Geneva Motor Show 2012, Suzuki will premier G70- New vision for a compact car with minimized weight and elaborated aerodynamics. Suzuki G70 is just 730kg thanks to a clear focus on minimizing weight, and it has a drag coefficient at least 10% lower than that of current Suzuki A-segment models, thanks to uncompromising efforts to heighten aerodynamic performance. As a result, its CO2 emissions is as low as 70g/km (measured in the New European Driving Cycle) with a petrol engine. This model was exhibited as REGINA in Tokyo Motor Show 2011.

Since a Swift Plug-in hybrid based on a previous Swift was exhibited at Geneva Motor Show in 2010, Suzuki has further advanced its expertise in eco-car technology and this year showcases the Swift Range Extender based on a current Swift. The Swift Range Extender covers 30km with its fully charged battery alone and it can extend its range using an engine-driven generator. Compared with an electric vehicle that depends entirely on battery power, the Swift Range Extender has a more compact lithium-ion battery that is quicker to charge, weighs less, uses fewer resources, and costs less. This model was exhibited as Swift EV Hybrid in Tokyo Motor Show 2011.

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