Suzuki to exhibit electric mini motorcycle Extrigger at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013

The Suzuki booth’s theme at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 is: Let’s Create a Brand New Story. Suzuki recognizes that the daily life of each and every customer is a story, and by adding something to each of those stories, our desire to create different, brand new stories together with our customers, is put into the theme. Besides the concept cars to be exhibited at the show, Suzuki will exhibit Extrigger: an electric mini motorcycle that offers new sensation to have fun.

Extrigger is an electric motorcycle that was developed to give more people the chance to find out the fun of motorcycle. It is easy to ride and offers new sensation to have fun. An electric motor unit of the e-Let’s electric scooter is equipped on a compact frame similar to that of a small bicycle. While it feels like a toy bike, the Extrigger has features that are small but look like the real thing: aluminum frame inverted front forks, front and rear disc brakes, and so on.
Suzuki_43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013
Making use of visible light communication technology, the rider can receive information from the motorcycle shop or enjoy communicating with friends. Visible light communication developed by Casio, is a communication technology to convey a digital signal by flashing light visible to the human eye. Casio released for the first time in the world a smartphone application – Pikapi in April 2012 based on this technology.

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