Suzuki to exhibit ET4D Concept electro vehicle for seniors at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013

The Suzuki booth’s theme at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 is: Let’s Create a Brand New Story. Suzuki recognizes that the daily life of each and every customer is a story, and by adding something to each of those stories, our desire to create different, brand new stories together with our customers, is put into the theme. Besides the concept cars to be exhibited at the show, Suzuki will exhibit Suzuki ET4D Concept. Suzuki ET4D Concept is a concept electro vehicle for seniors. The Suzuki ET4D Concept features advanced safety features such as a tilt display and voice instructions. The concept vehicle has various driver-assist functions, such as a function to detect tilt of the vehicle and warn the driver by issuing a voice warning and alarm, and illuminating a tilt indicator light.

Suzuki_43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013
Suzuki ET4D Concept also has a function that gives voice instructions when the vehicle is turning left or right or when it is traveling in reverse. With features such as an odometer, periodic maintenance advisory indicator light, and battery recharge advisory indicator light, this vehicle is safe and easy to use for seniors. Suzuki ET4D Concept has a large-capacity basket that’s convenient for carrying shopping and other items.

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