Toshiba launches cost-efficient image recognition processor for small automotive camera modules

Toshiba today expanded its line-up of TMPV750 image recognition processors series with the launch of the new TMPV7502XBG, designed for small-size camera modules. TMPV7502XBG is assembled in a package measuring just 11mm by 11mm that realizes low power consumption of just 0.6W (Typ.). Toshiba TMPV7502XBG can be used in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that recognize lanes, road signs, vehicles and pedestrians from images collected by cameras positioned around the car and in electronic side mirrors.

The image recognition processor features Toshiba’s 32-bit RISC CPU MeP (Media embedded Processor) and two Toshiba multi-core Media Processing Engines (MPE).Toshiba TMPV7502XBG incorporates 1 channel video input interface and optimized circuit configuration to enable the rapid detection of multiple vehicles, signs and people. This fast and highly accurate detection is made possible by the incorporation of CoHOG hardware detection technology and four image processing accelerators. Rated for operation at ambient temperatures of -40C to 85C, TMPV7502XBG is housed in a 324-pin P-LFBGA package measuring 11mm by 11mm with 0.5mm ball pitch. Sample shipment of TMPV7502XBG has started and Toshiba will commence mass production in November 2014.

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