Toshiba SIP series of SCiB lithium-ion rechargeable batteries for AGV retains 80% of capacity even after 10 years’ use

Toshiba today announced the latest addition to its SCiB line-up of innovative lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, the SIP series of modules for automated guided vehicles (AGV) and other types of industrial equipment. AGV are mobile robots widely used in transportation of materials and components around factory floors and warehouses, and also in settings that include hospitals and offices. Typical AGV use lead batteries that suffer from long charge times and short lifecycles; Toshiba’s SIP series modules offer a much more cost-efficient solution.SIP series modules integrate a battery management unit that manages voltage and internal temperature, facilitating easy replacement of lead storage batteries.

Typical, widely used lead batteries have a charge time of 8 to 10hours, but SIP series modules charge in just 20 minutes. Lead batteries have a short life, and need to be replaced in roughly 2-year cycles, but SIP series performance characteristics maintain over 80% battery capacity for about 10 years of use. On top of all this, Toshiba’s new modules are smaller and lighter, approaching only one fourth the weight of lead storage batteries. Toshiba SIP series modules can be used in temperatures as low as -30°C making it suitable for equipment that operates in low-temperature environments, such as cold storage and refrigerated warehouses. The new modules will be available from April.

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