Toyota and Denso develops onboard device that take data gathered while driving to create a virtual simulation

Toyota and Denso today announced the joint development of an onboard communications network device, CAN-Gateway ECU that can take data gathered while driving and apply it to create a virtual simulation that enables a new way to enjoy driving. The CAN-Gateway ECU captures driving data—including GPS data, accelerator pedal strokes, steering angles, brake operation signals, gear shift signals, engine rpm count, water temperature, and vehicle speed—from a dedicated onboard GPS as well as CAN information exchanged among onboard ECUs. The device can wirelessly transmit (by Bluetooth) the data to software installed on smartphones or other devices for real-time monitoring. As this data is accumulated, it can serve as a driving coaching guide.

Furthermore, software makers can use the data to create games or a wide variety of other software using standard creation tools, with no need to deal with the complicated nature of the onboard CAN protocol. The CAN-Gateway ECU can be fitted to the Toyota 86 rear-wheel drive compact sports car and is scheduled to be tested in Japan in spring 2013 by people active in car racing, before the scheduled Japan launch at the end of 2013.

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