Toyota i-Road ultra-compact tandem two-seater electric vehicle to debut at 83rd Geneva International Motor Show

Toyota will debut the Toyota i-Road personal mobility concept at the 83rd Geneva International Motor Show. The Toyota i-Road is an ultra-compact, tandem two-seater electric vehicle developed under the theme of compact and refreshing mobility. While offering an enjoyable and novel riding experience with the same level of convenience as a motorcycle, the Toyota i-Road represents a way of overcoming various obstacles, such as congested city roads, lack of parking, and other commuting issues, in the path of the development of low-carbon and sustainable urban areas.

Toyota i-Road
The ultra-compact body not only offers excellent maneuverability, but also minimizes space needed for parking. The adoption of a newly developed, automatic active-lean system provides great response and an exhilarating driving experience. The Toyota i-Road features a closed cabin so that passengers can proceed helmet-free to their destination in comfort, shielded from the weather in all seasons.
Toyota i-Road_concept
The Toyota i-Road concept, a three-wheeler with motorcycle-like maneuverability, is ideally suited for short-distance urban travel and was designed to be a new way to enjoy mobility.

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Main Features of Toyota i-Road
I. Ultra-compact with outstanding maneuverability
With a length of 850 millimeters, the Toyota i-Road has outstanding maneuverability and can be driven smoothly along roadsides, leaving road lanes open for other traffic. In addition, the Toyota i-Road’s small size allows it to occupy only three-quarters to one-half of a conventional parking space, boosting efficient use of parking areas.

II. Convenient, fun and exhilarating
A newly developed active lean system optimally and automatically controls vehicle body angle, ensuring stable ride and providing an unprecedented feeling of oneness with the vehicle significantly different from driving a car or motorcycle.

III. High-comfort enclosed cabin
Unlike similar vehicle concepts, the Toyota i-Road is equipped with a roof and doors so that the cabin is shielded from the weather to ensure comfort and from road noise to allow occupants to enjoy music. The enclosed cabin is equipped with two single seats positioned in tandem.

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IV. Environment-friendly electric vehicle (EV)
As the Toyota i-Road is powered by an electric powertrain, it features a quiet ride and produces zero emissions during operation. Driving range on a single charge is approximately 50 kilometers.
Toyota i-Road_concept_ev_inside
Toyota i-Road Main Specifications:
Length 2,350 mm
Width 850 mm
Height 1,445 mm
Wheelbase 1,700 mm
Curb weight*1 300 kg
Tire size Front: 80/80R16
Rear: 130/70R10
Seating 2
Minimum turning radius 3.0 m
Powertrain Electric motors (2 kw × 2 units)
Maximum speed 45 km/h
Driving range 50 km*2
Battery type Lithium-ion
*1Empty vehicle weight excluding passengers, cargo, etc.; *2Target value based on operation at 30 km/h.