Toyota launches three new Pixis Joy passenger minivehicle models in Japan

Toyota announced the launch of its new Pixis Joy passenger minivehicle in Japan today. The new Pixis Joy passenger minivehicle will be available at a total of 211 dealers in Japan. The Pixis Joy takes its name from Toyota’s desire to deliver joy and fun to the lives of its customers. In addition to high fuel efficiency and low pricing, which together constitute the original appeal of mini-vehicles, the Pixis Joy also offers distinctive styling, colors, and other design features.

Toyota_pixisjoy_carThree models are available―the Pixis Joy C (crossover), the Pixis Joy F (fashion) and the Pixis Joy S (sports)―in a variety of colors.The Pixis Joy C and Pixis Joy F come in 15 exterior colors, while the Pixis Joy S comes in 11 exterior colors. The Pixis Joy utilizes the latest e:S technologies to achieve a fuel efficiency of 30.0 km/L, with all grades being eligible for the Japanese government’s subsidies and tax incentives for eco-cars. Developed by Daihatsu Motor, these fuel efficiency technologies improve existing engine, CVT, and body-structure technologies to achieve high fuel efficiency.
Toyota_pixisjoy_car_interior_seatWith front and rear resin garnishes and 15-inch aluminum wheels fitted into 165/60R15 tires, the Pixis Joy C features an exterior that exudes the appeal of a crossover model. The vehicle’s minimum ground clearance of 180 mm―approx. 30 mm more than the Pixis Joy F and Pixis Joy S models―results in improved driving performance over snow-covered roads as well as mountainous roads.
Pixis Joy S_toyotaThe plating used throughout the design, such as on the front and rear bumper moldings and the side rocker moldings, adds a touch of elegance to Pixis Joy F’s exterior.The full-fabric seats use a suede-like material that is smooth to the touch, contributing to a luxurious riding experience.
Pixis Joy SIn addition to exclusive aerodynamic parts such as the front and rear bumpers, the sporty appeal of the Pixis Joy S is emphasized through the use of red accents throughout the vehicle’s interior and exterior. With a Sporty Suspension (2WD models) and a MOMO leather-bound steering wheel that incorporates a seven-speed manual model and paddle shifting, the vehicle features an outstandingly sporty driving performance.

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