Toyota NS4 plug-in hybrid concept unveiled at the 2012 NAIAS

Toyota unveiled the Toyota NS4 plug-in hybrid concept here today at the 2012 NAIAS, scheduled to run from January 9 through January 221. The Toyota NS4 is a next-generation four-door environment-friendly vehicle incorporating advanced technology with an exciting design. The Toyota NS4 represents an unprecedented high standard of balance in design quality, dynamic performance and sophistication. The Toyota NS4 achieves a balance between refined proportions, erodynamic performance and ease of ingress and egress. The vehicle is aimed to offer sporty driving performance as well as top-level fuel efficiency projected for the year 2015. Heat-reflective, near-total UV-blocking glass, see-through solar panels with cabin pre-conditioning and other features contribute to effective interior heat management and maintain a comfortable temperature at all times while achieving high fuel efficiency.

Numerous advanced safety features include a pop-up hood, adaptive driving beam headlights, and the Pre-collision System (PCS) with Collision-avoidance Assist. Three rear-view cameras provide a panoramic rear view on a monitor in the center of the instrument panel to maintain rear-view visibility while minimizing movement of the driver’s line of sight. An innovative touch-screen user interface in the central two-screen display allows for fun, easy and intuitive operation of the communications technology for linking people, cars and infrastructure.

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