Toyota to launch 21 new hybrid vehicles models by End of 2015

Toyota today announced the progress of development of environmental technologies as well as its Vehicle deployment plans through 2015. Toyota is developing environmental technologies with the aims of conserving energy by improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions, and of diversifying fuel sources by encouraging the use of electricity, hydrogen and other alternative energies. Toyota also announced plans to launch 21 new hybrid vehicles models from now until the end of 2015.
Gasoline engine: – An enhanced engine for use in hybrid vehicles, based on the 2.5-liter AR gasoline engine, adopts the Atkinson cycle and D-4S4 system. The enhanced engine achieves the world’s highest maximum thermal efficiency5 of 38.5 percent, realizing both high fuel efficiency and high output. Hybrid vehicle models equipped with the engine will be launched starting 2013.

Turbo-charged AR engine: – Starting 2014, TMC plans to launch a vehicle with a new 2.0-liter, turbo-charged AR engine, also based on the 2.5-liter AR gasoline engine. The new engine’s smaller displacement will provide higher fuel efficiency while the turbocharger will improve output.

Diesel Engine:-The 3.0-liter KD diesel engine for commercial vehicles uses i-ART, the world’s first injection system to maintain a high level of injection precision at high pressure, achieving high fuel efficiency and low emissions. Toyota first installed the engine in the Hilux pickup truck for the Brazilian market in April 2012.

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