Toyota unveils FT-Bh-Next generation small hybrid concept car at 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Toyota unveiled the FT-Bh, a lightweight, next generation small gasoline-electric hybrid concept car, here today at the 82nd Geneva International Motor Show. By pursuing weight reduction, a more-efficient powertrain and reduced air resistance, the Toyota FT-Bh boasts a fuel efficiency of 2.1 liters per 100 kilometers under the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), with CO2 emissions of just 49 g/km—less than half the current average for B-segment cars. The FT-Bh seats four adults comfortably in a body that is less than four meters long and that achieves an outstanding drag coefficient of just 0.235.

In addition to high environmental performance, the Toyota FT-Bh aims to provide an enjoyable driving experience through highly responsive and nimble operability. Adopting a small fuel tank placed under the rear seat together with the hybrid system’s lithium-ion battery gives the vehicle a low center of gravity, thus contributing to improved driving performance, which is the basic appeal of any car. Power consumption in the FT-Bh has been cut to half that of standard B-segment cars.The adoption of LEDs in the head, tail and room lights, and reduction of standby power requirements necessary for electrical components such as power windows has substantially reduced overall power consumption.

Safety-enhancement features include a center display located deep in the dashboard that shows rear views from three body-mounted cameras, and a rear-view mirror with an ambient superimposed display6 that provides information and warnings concerning vehicles reflected in the mirror and also other driver-targeted information. In addition to the FT-Bh on display, Toyota has conceived two alternative versions: a compressed natural gas (CNG) hybrid version with CO2 emissions of 38 g/km and a plug-in hybrid version with CO2 emissions of just 19 g/km.

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