Toyota develops onboard Navigation System to reduce traffic accidents

Toyota aiming to reduce traffic accidents through the use of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS1), has developed an onboard navigation system compatible with the vehicle-infrastructure cooperative Driving Safety Support System (DSSS) scheduled for launch by the Japanese National Police Agency in Japan in July. The new Toyota navigation system is representative of TMC’s work in the area of safety technology and vehicle development carried out under its Integrated Safety Management Concept.

The five main features of the new system, which provides timely audio and visual warnings and notifications to drivers, are: Red light warning, Stop sign warning, Stationary vehicle ahead, Blind corner vehicle presence and Green light advance notification. The car navigation system receives traffic infrastructure information from roadside infrared beacons via an onboard VICS beacon unit. The navigation uses this information in conjunction with real-time vehicle information such as speed and accelerator pedal position to support safe driving by giving audio and visual warnings when appropriate.
Based on its aim to produce cars that are safe, provide peace of mind and move people not only physically but also emotionally, Toyota seeks the elimination of traffic fatalities and injuries, which Toyota believes is the ultimate wish of any society that values mobility.