Toyota Develops world’s first Anti-mite Allergen car Seat Fabric and in-car oxygen-level conditioner

Toyota_car Seat Fabric.gif
Toyota has developed the world’s first car seat fabric that helps prevent mite allergens from becoming active in a vehicle’s cabin. The new fabric is to be offered in vehicle models scheduled for launch in Japan in the near future. The new seat fabric developed by TMC contains an anti-allergen agent that envelops approximately 98% of the mite allergens that settle on a seat’s treated surfaces. The long-lasting agent does not affect the color or texture of the seat fabric. Other initiatives for improving vehicle-cabin comfort include the introduction of Fraichir seats (featuring fibers coated with sericin, a protein extracted from natural silk that reduces skin irritation), an automatic air conditioner with both a fast-acting pollen-reduction mode and world’s first in-car oxygen-level conditioner for maintaining a suitable level of oxygen inside the vehicle cabin.

Toyota aims to make vehicles interiors evermore comfortable and intends to actively develop technology for making automobiles easier on people and easier to use.