Toyota launches new leisure boat Ponam-35 in Japan

The Toyota Ponam-35—first of a new class in the Ponam series—is a premium cruiser ideal for pleasure cruising and fishing that also offers comfortable accommodation. It features a rigid hull of a high-strength aluminum alloy—a popular Ponam feature, a new 4.5-liter engine derived from the Toyota Land Cruiser 2 SUV, as well as excellent operability achieved with technology adapted from Toyota automotive technology.
Reflecting the form-modeling expertise acquired by years of handling the complex curved surfaces used in vehicle design, the Toyota Ponam-35 features elegant curves.The gunwale line flows backward from the bow and the unique design of the windows contributes to an elegant exterior design characteristic of the Ponam-35. The expansive cabin-door eaves provide a shield against the sun and rain, while also creating an attractive rear view.

The cabin features a layout designed to facilitate ease of passenger movement, and is characterized by an overall theme of contrasting white and black with effective additions of deep blue and silver to create a refined and relaxed atmosphere.
The cabin interior of Ponam-35 is fitted with a relaxing five-seat sofa and ample storage space, while the owner’s private room features a spacious bed and storage area. The galley at the rear of the cabin emphasizes functionality with placement of the sink, storage shelves, refrigerator, microwave oven and work surfaces aimed at ease of use and access.
The hull of Ponam-35 is made with high-strength A5083 aluminum alloy, which ensures higher rigidity, strength, durability and fracture resistance than fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP). The aluminum-alloy structure also serves to reduce the effects of stress and vibrations caused by wave impacts as well as reducing sound reverberations.
engine.jpgThe Ponam-35 is equipped with two V8-cylinder engines with common rail systems that perform computer-controlled fuel injection—a first4 for a Japan-made leisure boat. Other standard, cutting-edge features include an intercom system that ensures smooth communication between cabin and fly bridge, and windshield wipers that automatically activate when they detect spray or rainfall. The annual sales target is 15 units with suggested retail price of 59,010,000 yen ($7, 67,956).