Toyota luxury sedan Sai -designed with extensive consideration for the environment

Toyota announced the unveiling today in Japan of the compact luxury sedan Sai which is planned to go on sale in Japan on December 7. The Sai is based on a concept derived from the Japanese word sai—which means “talent” when written as “” and “coloration” when written as “”—as a hybrid-only sedan “combining advanced talent and multi-color sophistication”.
The Sai, designed with extensive consideration for the environment, features a gasoline-electric hybrid system with a 2.4-liter engine for outstanding fuel efficiency and use of Ecological Plastic (made from plant-derived materials) for approximately 60% of the interior surface area. Its highly efficient package achieves an outstanding balance between maneuverability, comfort, refined sedan styling and aerodynamic performance.

Furthermore, in addition to offering advanced features for high-level safety performance, such as a millimeter-wave-radar Pre-crash Safety system, the Sai, among its other attributes, provides cruising performance and riding comfort befitting a luxury vehicle, altogether making it a compact luxury vehicle for a new era that brings together talent and coloration to enrich customers’ lifestyles.