Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid concept- First Toyota Vehicle with a Lithium-Ion Battery

The Prius plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHV) Concept is the first Toyota vehicle brand that uses a lithium-ion battery as the drive battery. It is a PHV concept model that can be charged from an external power source such as household electricity. Since Prius plug-in hybrid Concept has a lithium-ion drive battery, charging to many times higher than a nickel-metal hydride battery is possible. The fuel efficiency of the third-generation Prius is 38km/l, and that of the Prius plug-in hybrid Concept is at least 55km/l (target).

Approximate charging times using ordinary household electricity are 180 minutes at 100V and 100 minutes at 200V. TMC set a minimum electric vehicle (EV) cruising range target of at least 20km on a full charge. Enabling the vehicle to be recharged externally allows it to operate as an EV for short trips and as a hybrid vehicle (HV) for longer ones. The Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid Concept is the ideal combination of an EV and a HV.