Toyota to halt production at its 12 Japanese plants for 11 days in Feb-March due to faltering global demand

Toyota will suspend production at all of its Japanese plants for a total of 11 days in February and March because of faltering global demand. Toyota was to halt production at its 12 Japanese plants for three days in January but with severe global economic downturn more shutdowns were necessary. According to the latest company press release Toyota will stop output for six days in February and five days in March.

Toyota has fifteen plants in Japan, twelve of which are located in Toyota city, the other three in Kyushu, Hokkaido and northern Honshu. The 12 plants in Toyota divide the production of parts.Toyota, which makes the Prius gas-electric hybrid and Camry sedan, is forecasting a net profit of 50 billion yen, down from 1.7 trillion yen earned the previous year.