Toyota to recall 13000 Toyota and Lexus cars sold in Korea

Toyota has decided to recall some 13,000 Toyota and Lexus cars sold in Korea, four months after it launched a recall in the U.S. due to accelerator pedal problems. The recalled cars are 11,232 Lexus ES350 units imported and sold in Korea between Nov. 29, 2005 and Jan. 21, 2010; 1,549 Toyota Camry units sold between Feb. 17, 2009 and Jan. 25, 2010; and 203 Camry Hybrids sold between Feb. 19, 2009 and Jan. 17, 2010. The total number comes to 12,984. In a press conference on Tuesday, Hisao Nakabayashi, president of Toyota Korea, stressed that there should be no problem if the cars are driven properly, and the recall is completely voluntary on Toyota’s part.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Transportation Department on Monday has proposed a US$16.4 million fine against Toyota for failing to notify the government in a timely way of the acceleration pedal problems. It is the largest fine ever by the U.S. government against an auto company.