Two out of the three special edition Genesis sedans from Hyundai Motor & Prada will be auctioned for charity

Hyundai Motor and Prada will collaborate to create three special edition Genesis sedans that will combine the best technology and industrial design with quality materials, craftsmanship and an innovative new approach aimed at creating a new driving experience. Prada´s design team will create three special edition Genesis sedans in Italy over a four month period, working closely with Hyundai Motor’s engineers and own designers, using the house’s signature materials.

One of the cars will be unveiled at the 2009 Seoul Motor Show and then displayed at Hyundai Motor´s headquarters in Seoul, while the other two will be auctioned at the Prada Transformer. The Prada transformer structure is designed to accommodate a series of events in Seoul, South Korea from March to July 2009. The tetrahedron has four different configurations which can simply be switched by rotating the structure with construction cranes. The structure is thus designed so floors can become walls and walls become ceilings. The Prada Transformer will be located next to the traditional 16th century kyeonghee palace in Seoul.