West NEXCO and Nissan systems to build a System for Accident Prevention and Road Information

West NEXCO and Nissan today announced a cooperative effort to research systems to help prevent accidents and furnish road information to drivers. The joint project will take advantage of the widespread use and multi-functionality of today’s cellular phones. The system will use the Global Positioning System (GPS) and a detailed map database to warn drivers about a number of potentially dangerous situations and conditions – including driving the wrong way on expressway ramps, which frequently causes serious accidents.

The IT-assisted road information system will also employ telematics to help warn drivers about unintended speed changes on ramps and long downhill stretches to help prevent accidents and congestion. Nissan and West NEXCO will also undertake research to assist drivers with probe data on traffic jams, part of West NEXCO’s goal of working to help establish total road safety and comfort. The West Nippon Expressway Company, abbreviated as NEXCO West Japan is one of the main operators of expressways and toll roads in Japan. It is headquartered in Osaka.