World’s first wooden sports car Splinter can go up to 240 mph!

A U.S. design company has created the world’s first wooden supercar, which would put both Porsche and Lamborghini in the shade with a staggering top speed of 240 mph, media reported Thursday. The 4.6 meter-long, two-seater “Splinter” car, made from maple, plywood and MDF, has a 4.6 liter V8 petrol engine and a six-speed gearbox.
Splinter weighs 1,134 kilograms — 240 kilograms less than the lightweight Porsche 911 GT3. Despite its power, it will achieve 20 mpg, according to its designer, Joe Harmon, 27.

World’s first wooden sports car Splinter is due to hit the road later this year. The design company, Joe Harmon Design, has not yet decided on a price for the super car.