Yamaha BLUE CORE engine improves fuel efficiency of motorcycles by 50% compared to Yamaha 2008 models

Yamaha-Blue-Core-engine-scooterYamaha has developed a next-generation compact engine based on the BLUE CORE concept, which strives to take riding enjoyment, fuel efficiency and environmental performance to all-new levels. This BLUE CORE engine is the next-generation high-performance compact engine with a particular emphasis on 1) high combustion efficiency, 2) excellent cooling performance, and 3) power loss reduction. One of the characteristics of the BLUE CORE engine is versatility. Thanks to its ability to fine-tune the ride characteristics, fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness depending on the product positioning, the BLUE CORE engine is able to power multiple model variations.

Nozza_Grande_BLUE_CORE_engineThe air-cooled Yamaha 125cc engine that powers our Nozza Grande – a new scooter released in August 2014 for women in Vietnam – is the newly-developed BLUE CORE engine, and it meets the goal of improving fuel efficiency of motorcycles by 50% compared to Yamaha Motor models in 2008.

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