Yamaha Motor Launches ROV Wolverine RMAX-1000

Yamaha Motor announced today that it will launch the Wolverine RMAX-1000 in North American markets from September. The unit features both two and four-up versions equipped with a 1000cc engine – a first in the company’s recreational category of its key ROV (Recreational Off-highway Vehicles) product range in the RV1 business segment. The Wolverine RMAX-1000 is the model of ROV platform as detailed in the 2019-2021 Mid-term Management Plan. ROV Wolverine RMAX-1000 will be manufactured by U.S. Group Company Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation of America (YMMC).

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The main features of Yamaha Wolverine RMAX-1000 include: 1) a new design with a strong presence that also stimulates the driver’s desire for adventure, 2) a new 1,000cc engine that exerts high torque in the low-to-high speed ranges allowing great performance on various road surfaces, and the units D-Mode also allows the driver to choose the engine characteristics that best suit what they want according to the situation, 3) a power train that realizes excellent durability and reliability to fully enjoy outdoor environments, and 4) a cockpit that allows the driver to focus on driving through the pursuit of a sense of unity between the driver and the vehicle.

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Going forward, Yamaha Motor will continue to expand its ROV lineup and will work toward continued improvement of the company’s presence in the North American market. ROV Wolverine RMAX-1000 model will be available from September and is designed for off-road use only.