Yamaha to unveil Flagship Model of MT Series – MT-10 at EICMA

Yamaha plans to launch the MT-10 in Europe at the end of May 2016. This new performance Yamaha MT-10 motorcycle features a 998cc water-cooled, in-line four-cylinder engine with a crossplane crankshaft. Main features Of Yamaha MT-10 include an engine emphasizing strong torque performance at low to medium speeds thanks to the unique character of the crossplane crankshaft with its linear feeling of torque and ease of control, a chassis which delivers agile handling through the same 1,400mm short wheelbase as the MT-07, and a riding position suited to a wide range of situations from highly-aggressive cornering to touring. The MT-10 also includes a full array of functions such as a cruise control system designed to provide versatile enjoyment.

Yamaha MT-10 motocycle’s styling features a tight body and the presence worthy of being the flagship model under The King of MT design concept.The Yamaha MT-10 has been planned and developed as the flagship model of the MT series. It encapsulates both the concepts of ultimate street sports performance with handling as the rider intends and versatile, enjoyable functionality. The Yamaha MT-10 will be on display at EICMA, the Worldwide Motorcycle Exhibition,held from November 19 in Milan, Italy.

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