Yamaha electric commuter EC-03 scooter covers 43km per 20 cents charge in Japan

untitled.jpgThe new Yamaha EC-03 is a zero-emissions vehicle with a smooth and quiet ride that also allows the rider to enjoy lightness and slim design not found in conventional 50cc scooters. This model features a new high energy density 50V lithium-ion Sanyo battery and Yamaha Motor’s exclusive super-slim Yamaha Integrated Power Unit (YIPU), which combine to provide smooth running performance at all times. The battery charging is completed in approximately six hours and the running distance per charge is 43km at 30km/h on a windless flat road at 25°C, running in Standard Mode with a load (rider) weight of 55kg on a fully charged battery. This new Yamaha EC-03 model also features plug-in recharging from a 100V household electrical outlet (3-hole grounded type), excellent ease of maneuvering thanks to its lightweight aluminum alloy frame and other features to ensure the high level of functionality and convenience as a “smart, minimal commuter” vehicle.

The electricity cost of one charge in Japan is approximately ¥18 ($0.20). Other features that come as standard equipment with Yamaha EC-03, include an electronic throttle built into the handlebar grip, a choice of two running modes, a PIN input type anti-theft device, a High-function LED Meter Panel with odometer and tripmeter switching function, key-operated pop-up type seat lock, a wire type helmet holder, luggage hook and more. Yamaha will begin selling from September 1 in the Tokyo metropolitan area and all over in Japan from October 1, 2010.
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