Yamaha PAS Brace hybrid electric bicycle assists pedaling at all of its eight gear speeds

Yamaha Motor Co Ltd will release a hybrid electric bicycle that optimally assists the pedaling at all of its eight gear speeds in Japan. The new sporty model Yamaha bicycle, “PAS Brace,” is aimed at male users. Its assisting power is controlled according to the gear position and the speed, realizing a sporty ride. The Yamaha PAS Brace features an eight-speed gear for a smooth ride and a shift position sensor to detect the gear speed at which it is running. Furthermore, a system called “S.P.E.C.8” decides an optimal assisting power at any time in the ride including the starting up, accelerating and running phases of the ride.
Electricity supply begins to decrease after the speed reaches 15km/h (9.32mph), and no electricity is provided at the speed of 24km/h or more. At the speed of less than 24km/h, the S.P.E.C.8 efficiently assists the pedaling by minutely controlling the electricity supply according to the gear in use. Therefore, if the eight-speed gear is efficiently used, the bicycle can provide an even smoother and sportier ride.

The gears can be shifted even when the pedals are not moving, so the bicycle can be comfortably used in downtown areas. Yamaha PAS Brace hybrid electric bicycle is equipped with a detachable white LED lamp that can brightly light a large area. Yamaha plans to sell 2,500 units of the PAS Brace per year in Japan. The bicycle will be launched in Japan on August 8 for approximately ¥125,800 ($1,168) (including a battery charger).