Yamaha PAS er prototype vehicle comes with a sensor to monitor the riders rate of heartbeat and calorie consumption

The Yamaha PAS er is a prototype model developed on the concept of a more advanced hybrid relationship between the rider and the motor. It adopts a two-wheel-drive mechanism that applies the electric motor assist is applied to both the front and rear wheels and an automatic electronic gear shift (transmission). Together they contribute to a smooth, enjoyable ride even over changing road surface conditions. The motor of the front wheel is also designed with a regenerative function that charges the battery during deceleration or downhill riding. There is also a sensor to monitors the rider’s rate of heartbeat and adjust the assist level to help maintain an appropriate level of rider exertion.

To accompany this function, there is a large LCD meter panel with a speedometer and multi-information display showing calorie consumption, etc. The model also adopts shaft drive and styling defined by a simple design. Yamaha prototype model PAS er with seat height of 820 – 1,000mm, wheelbase of 1,080mm has an motor rated output of -Front wheel hub motor 100W center motor 150W. The battery type is Lithium-ion battery.