10,000 Industrial Plasmacluster Ion generators in Sharp offices to prevent a pandemic of new viruses

sharp_Plasmacluster Ions_s.jpgRecently Sharp held a press conference in Tokyo to announce that in January it began installing approximately 10,000 industrial Plasmacluster Ion generators in Sharp offices and sales bases in Japan and abroad to help prevent a pandemic of new viruses. Plasmacluster Ion generators use Sharp’s proprietary Plasmacluster Ion technology to decompose and deactivate harmful airborne substances such as mold fungus, viruses, and allergens. These generators are designed to thoroughly deactivate harmful airborne substances in large areas, such as offices and conference rooms.

Starting with these installations, Sharp will further expand its measures for ensuring the safety of its employees and their families as well as the smooth continuation of business. Plasmacluster Ions are exactly the same as the ions that exist in the natural world and have been proven to be harmless to the human body. Plasmacluster Ion technology is used to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment