3 Ways your Smartphone can Work for You… Sort Of

Even if a decade has almost passed from their first appearance on the market, smartphones are still a pretty sizable investment. You pay not only for the phones themselves, but also for the mobile internet connection they need (unless you live in a city with a massive WiFi coverage, like me), and for in-game items in most social games. If only there was a way for your smartphone to work for you, making a bit of cash while you use it!

Actually, there are quite a few ways in which your smartphone can help you make some extra cash. Like the ones listed below.

Real money gaming
Social games will gladly take your money, but never give back a dime. But there’s another breed of mobile games that can reward your skill and luck with real cash. And it’s legit, regulated, and legal in most jurisdictions of the world. It’s called mobile gambling.

Slot machine fans from all over the world are using the All Slots Casino Canada,, on a daily basis. Some of them are into it for the thrill of the game, but many play there with profits in mind. The All Slots Casino has an amazing collection of games for its players to explore. Some of them rely almost solely on chance, but others – like blackjack – also have a strong element of skill. While the All Slots Casino does not offer its players any guarantees, it can indeed serve as a money making method to some. The games at the All Slots Casino can be played on desktop and mobile devices alike, and while they are not the most reliable way to make money on the go, it’s surely one of the most entertaining ones.

Micro-job apps
Hiring a professional for a single task is not something smartphone-specific. But finding a job as a nanny or a dog walker was never easier – because “there’s an app for that”, as Steve Jobs used to say.

Apps like Gigwalk, FieldAgent, and their likes, offer their users the possibility to complete micro-jobs and earn rewards. And the jobs posted through the apps are incredibly diverse – from doing the groceries to walking a dog or even scanning specific products on the shelves of a supermarket. And the rewards the user receives for completing a gig range from store credit to cold, hard cash.

Making money in unusual ways
With smartphones and games continuing to evolve, new kinds of job opportunities will surely open up. But some people don’t wait for this to happen – they offer their novel services already. Like Ivy St. Ive, the 24-year-old editor of the Brooklyn-based Silica magazine, who has offered to play Pokémon Go instead of the busy user at an hourly rate of $20.

St. Ive offered to log on with the customer’s Pokémon Go account, walk around for one to four hours, and catch any Pokémon she comes across. She also provides her customers with hourly updates on her progress, and give out training and strategy tips. With the explosive rise Pokémon Go has seen, jobs like this might appear much more often in the near future.