4 Artistic Ways to Light Up your Office Desk Without Compromising on Productivity

Lighting the office desk right is an art that increases productivity and makes it easy for you to work for long hours. The value of quality lighting should and can never be understated, regardless of the nature of the job. Whether you need to work all day long on a laptop or have a creative job where you need to work on canvas, the presence of right and sufficient light can make you love your job even more. The requirements may be diverse for different workspaces, but the basics always remain the same. Regardless of where the office desk is located, the general criteria is to equally and sufficiently illuminate the space with LED lights.

Here are four artistic ways with which you can easily light up your office desk without compromising on productivity.

Choose the Right Colour Temperature
When planning to give your workspace an artistic update, plan the colour scheme well keeping in mind the nature of the business. Opt for a warmish colour temperature if you have a creative job to make the environment around you relaxed and neutral white if your job calls for a great level of activity. For example, customer care centres usually have neutral white lights because the nature of business demands the employees to be active 24/7.

Light the Ceiling with LED Recessed Lights
As most of the offices have their windows covered with translucent blinds, there’s no way for natural light to enter the workspace (unless the blinds are rolled up). LED recessed lights are an excellent choice to light up a workspace as they are both efficient and economical. The best part about LED recessed lights is that they are compatible with dimmers and allow you to adjust the brightness according to your work and lighting needs. The range is wide enough to give any space a personalised touch while making it extremely user-friendly. Wipro Lighting has an extensive range of recessed lights including VERGE LED, IMMACULATE LED and more that are excellent for any office space.

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Recess mounted LED luminaire

Overhead LED Pendant Lighting
Overhead pendant lighting can prove to be extremely beneficial if the job requires you to work both on laptop and paper. It helps scatter light all around (that other light sources usually miss) and gives your space a well-lit look. However, you should never totally leave all your lighting requirements on overhead pendants. It’s true that they are a good source of light but the amount of light they provide is not enough to complete complicated tasks. So, make a mix of ceiling LED lights and pendants lights for adequate lighting.

Light the Desk with LED Tasklights
For a well-focused and bright light on your office desk to carry out tasks like reading and writing in an efficient manner, think of task lights with an attractive design, a colour that matches the décor of your workspace and the size that is apt for your office desk. These parameters play a significant role in this form of lighting. They are durable, cost-effective and extremely efficient to be used in office spaces of all kinds. Also, they are great to direct focus on whatever you are trying to write or read.

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For an industrial look, opt for a classic desk lamp (with LED light, not the conventional bulbs) in maroon or brick red with a flexible arm that can let you adjust the angle and height suited to your work. However, make sure you use it as minimum as possible because task lighting can cause strain in your eyes.

While there are many other options like under cabinet LED lights, the most contemporary and effective are the above-mentioned lighting techniques to brighten up your workspace. All the options are equally effective in terms of being functional and economical, however, what needs to be taken care most is the angle in which you place them. Consult lighting experts to take care of your installation angles and save yourself from unnecessary glare.

The office desk is the reservoir of your productivity. It’s where the most creative ideas are brainstormed and important work-related tasks are done. Therefore, it should be optimally designed and lit up so that you can focus on the work at hand and grow as a professional.