Adlink 4-CH PCI Express Video Capture Card with High-Speed Transfer Rates

Adlink Technology announced the PCIe-RTV24, a high speed video capture card supporting four channels of NTSC/PAL, EIA/CCIR input. Based on the PCI Express bus, the PCIe-RTV24 offers the higher bandwidth required by machine vision, security, and video surveillance applications, such as position location, biometric face recognition, and vehicle license plate identification. The Adlink PCIe-RTV24 provides four digitized vision stream for real-time image acquisition with frame rates up to 30 fps, per channel. The PCIe-RTV24 also provides a watchdog function and offers four digital input/output signals which can be used for strobe light control, trigger acquisition, and alarm signals.

The Adlink PCIe-RTV24 supports Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Linux. The software support of RTV series are Microsoft DirectX, Video for Linux and VIs for NI Lab view.