AGC Asahi Glass Releases Cover Glass that Supports a Fingerprint Recognition Sensor on a Smartphone

AGC Asahi Glass today released a new cover glass for an in-glass fingerprint recognition sensor installed on a smartphone to improve security. While button-type fingerprint recognition sensors are in widespread use, there is an increasing need for smartphones with a clean, waterproof and stylish look, which is achieved by adopting a button-less sensor. Consequently, AGC has developed a specially treated cover glass, which creates a thin area of glass where a fingerprint recognition sensor is installed. The result is a cover glass featuring high strength, high degree of flatness, and stable fingerprint recognition operation.

The newly developed cover glass has already been shipped to many smartphone makers, IC manufacturers, and assembly/processing companies, and is undergoing technical verification prior to application. CrucialTec Corp., a fingerprint recognition module manufacturer in South Korea, is exhibiting its fingerprint recognition sensor embedded in AGC’s display cover glass product at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016.