AI to play StarCraft against Professional gamers in South Korea

Professional gamers will play StarCraft against artificial intelligence (AI) programs in Seoul next month. Sejong University plans to host the match March 30 to see if AI systems can outplay humans in diverse aspects of game performance. According to Sejong University spokesman Kim Dae-jong, professional gamers will be chosen from gamers at Sejong Cyber University. Korea’s most-renowned professional StarCraft players such as Lee Young-ho, Kim Taek-yong and Song Byung-gu have attended this university. The AI systems participating in the annual Computations Intelligence in Games (CIG) StarCraft AI competition will be chosen to play against human players in the match.

The CIG competition is organized by the U.S. International Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and has been considered one of the world’s three largest AI StarCraft competitions alongside Canada’s Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE) and the Czech Republic’s Student StarCraft AI Tournament (SSCAIT). Also at this competition, AI-based gaming programs, called “bots,” made for multiplayer modes play with each other without human intervention.
Sejong University computer engineering professor Kim Kyung-joong said that StarCraft AI programs’ greatest weaknesses are strategic approaches, comprehension of battle progress and flexibility. He said, on the other hand, the AIs will exceed humans in simple tasks such as producing units or moving them. Once this showdown opens as planned, it will be one of the world’s first cases of human professional StarCraft gamers facing AIs.

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