AMD and Game developers to Drive High Performance Microsoft DirectX 10.1 Gaming

Leading game developers are working with AMD to create a new generation of game titles utilizing Microsoft DirectX 10.1 to deliver improved features and performance, and an overall better game experience. Developers including Electronic Arts Phenomic Studio and its forthcoming fantasy online real-time strategy game Battleforge, SEGA and its futuristic military real-time strategy game Stormrise, and NHN Games and its 3D role-playing game Cloud 9, all exploit DirectX 10.1 for advanced gaming performance and visual realism. Only AMD graphics offer top-to-bottom DirectX 10.1 support: the ATI RadeonHD 3000 series and the new ATI RadeonHD 4800 series.

To showcase the difference that DirectX 10.1 technology makes, AMD recently unveiled a real-time 3D demo called “Ping Pong” to illustrate some of the new graphical techniques made possible by the new features DirectX 10.1. ATI Radeon HD 3000 series graphics products and ATI Radeon HD 4800 series graphics products are widely available worldwide.