Apple store glass door smashed in a clash as shoppers waited in line to buy the iPad 2 and iPhone 4 in China

Two men and two women suffered minor injuries in a clash outside the Apple store in Sanlitun Village, China on Saturday afternoon as shoppers waited in line to buy the newly released iPad 2 and iPhone 4. According to reports, the incident was started when a foreign worker confronted Ding Wencheng for allegedly jumping the line. This led to an altercation in which Ding was thrown against the corner of an outside wall, causing injuries to his face and wrist. He (the staff member) was saying something, but I don’t understand English and didn’t care about him,” Ding told Mirror Evening News, explaining he had been standing near his wife in the line to buy an iPad 2. “He grabbed me by the collar and threw me.”

Eyewitnesses said several members of the crowd then began to argue with the foreigner, during which Wang Ming, as well as Ding’s mother and aunt, all suffered slight injuries. The glass door was smashed as shoppers surged forward to stop security guards from closing the store. Following the clash, the Apple store was closed. Later that day, a sign was erected stating that line jumping and scalping would not be tolerated. The store reopened at 10 am on Sunday. The confrontation outside the Apple store in Sanlitun Village between a foreign staff member and angry customers was resolved peacefully, according to a police source.