ASUS B50 – Powerful and versatile notebook for business executives

Asus B50A is the ultimate notebook computer for the business environment, packed with speed, intelligent features, and versatility – the ultimate competitive advantage for the business executive. In addition to its unique technologies and software features, the B50A offers the latest Express Gate that empowers users with an 8 second boot-up time for rapid access to a host of multimedia and online applications. Based on the latest Intel Centrino Processor Technology platform and Asus-exclusive Power Gear eXtreme power management, the B50A has an extended battery life in excess of 5 hours. Asus B50A features a spill-resistant keyboard, so the notebook is protected from accidental spills of up to 120cc of liquid. Productivity is also guaranteed with a special built-in LED light for the keyboard that allows computing in dimmed meeting rooms.

The Asus B50A is equipped with an integrated biometric fingerprint scanner that offers greater security by reading fingerprints from the underlying live layer of skin tissue. It also features a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) for secure login and encryption. Together, these ensure that data and transactions through B50A are secure, yet remain efficient and easy to use.