Asus B51E Rugged Notebook built to Withstand Drops, Shocks, Spills and Scratches

Asus has created the B51 notebook for professionals who need a notebook that can withstand the rigors of travel as well as operate reliably despite harsh environmental conditions. Asus B51 notebook is also built for excellent performance and reliability. The Asus B51 is built to endure harsh treatment. Starting with a lightweight yet strong magnesium alloy chassis that offers excellent protection for its components, the B51 is additionally buffered against shock by rubber bumpers along its edges, and high strength protective film to shield the notebook from scratches. The Asus B51’s hard drive is floated on a sponge protection system, while the keyboard as a drainage path integrated into its design, so that the B51 is able to weather the occasional shocks and spills (up to 120cc) and continue to function reliably. Even while the insides are protected against rough use, the LCD screen of the B51 is also well protected from scratches by a high strength film, for a truly hard wearing notebook, inside and out.

The Asus B51’s ruggedized design is able to withstand most abuses that will damage conventional notebooks. The B51 is drop tested to military specifications (MIL 810F Method 516.5 Procedure IV), able to withstand drops from tabletop height – up to 75 cm. AsusB51 measures 36.5cm x 27.3cm x 3.82 cm and weigh 3.1KG (with 8 cell battery). Asus B51 is an ideal mobile computing solution for professionals who routinely operate in tough, demanding environments.