Asus N51V- World’s First Notebook Computer to Receive Carbon Footprint Certificate

Asus N51V notebook computer is the world’s first notebook to receive both Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and carbon footprint (PAS 2050:2008) certificates. Through its close adherence to ISO 14025 Environmental Labels and Declarations — Type III Environmental Declarations, Asus’ N51V notebook is the first notebook computer to receive the EPD certificate. Based on EPD, ASUS follows BSI PAS 2050:2008 to implement Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) which includes five phases—materials, manufacturing, using, transportation, and disposal—and subsequently discloses completely the direct and indirect GHG emission data during each phase. The process and data are then verified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). Through this rigorous process, the Asus N51V received PAS 2050:2008 certification.

The Asus N51V is an EPEAT Gold registered product for its innovative energy-saving technology dubbed Super Hybrid Engine (SHE), which not only improves energy performance by 53.75% as compared to merely following the Energy Star standard (according to V5.0 Category C), but also extends the battery life from 35% to 53%. The reuse, recycle and recovery rate (3R) of the N51V is at least 90%, and the recycled content in the packaging achieves at least 80%.