Asus NOVA LITE Mini 2L PC with innovative audio and energy-saving features

Perfectly-sized and styled to fit into the home or office’s chic décor, the Asus NOVA LITE 2L PC is well-equipped for daily computing needs and also provides innovative features when it comes to audio and energy-saving. Catering to the design and budget conscious, this mini PC gives out more than its size reveals – a remarkable compact box with just about everything you need in it. On deck, this ultra SFF packs a HDD and an ODD. It has not just one but, two built-in HiFi speakers – strategically located at the front for optimal sound distribution.

Asus NOVA LITE Mini 2L PC utilizes a power-saving technology to run the CPU at 18W while in operation and only 5W on idle, greatly reducing heat generation as well as utility bill. The Asus mini PC measures 231 x 184 x 51 mm and weigh 1.5KG.