ASUS P5E3 Premium WiFi-AP @n the most Energy Efficient Motherboard in the World!

news02012008-1.jpgAsus has announced the launch of the Asus P5E3 Premium WiFi-AP @n motherboard as the official launch of the Intel X48 chipset drawing ever closer. This powerful Asus P5E3 Premium WiFi-AP @n Motherboard is the newest member in the Asus EPU family of motherboards, and is equipped with the latest Intel X48 chipset; and showcases the exclusive EPU Technology to combine vigorous performance with superb energy efficiency. The motherboard supports DDR3 2000MHz dual-channel memory, dual PCI Express 2.0 x16 lanes, 802.11n WiFi specifications and the innovative Asus Express Gate for Internet access in just 5 secs.
Through the exclusive EPU´s automatic energy saving chip, the Asus P5E3 Premium WiFi-AP @n is able to provide users with CPU power savings of 80.23%. Able to digitally monitor and automatically fine-tune the CPU power supply with improved VRM efficiency under any loading, the EPU offers total control and attains the best possible power efficiency when the PC is running low intensity programs. Coupled with the innovative AI Gear3 Plus – which features a new user interface that shows users exactly how much electricity and CO2 is being saved, the Asus EPU can provide users with up to 50% enhanced power efficiency.

The Asus P5E3 Premium WiFi-AP @n comes equipped with numerous innovative technologies like the onboard IEEE 802.11n draft technology support. This standard allows for wider network coverage and data transmissions of up to 6 times faster than 802.11b/g standards. your short list of potential candidates. The Asus P5E3 Premium WiFi-AP @n, together with the Asus Rampage Formula, form part of Asus ’ new X48 chipset family of motherboards.