Asus UF715 digital photo frame with Foto-in-Motion technology for beautiful photos

The Asus UFOTO UF715 digital photo frame is designed to be the perfect showcase for beautiful photos. Foto-in-Motion technology, allows users to add five eye-catching special effects to their photos, along with music accompaniment. The Asus UF715 has a built-in speaker to play MP3 music, the ability to automatically change the orientation of photos when tilted, and an alarm clock feature complete with an accompanying remote control. It is equipped with a vibrant 7” high-resolution (800 x 480 pixels) display, framed by a stunning white bezel finished with the double injection method that is at once beautiful and durable.

Adding a further touch of simple sophistication is a crystalline stand at the rear, turning the Asus UF715 into more of a showpiece than a mere photo frame. Asus UF715 digital photo frame measures 204mm x 155mm x 25.4mm and weigh approximately 429g.