Asus VENTO TA-B1 Series Chassis

Asus today released the new VENTO TA-B1 Series Chassis. The TA-B1 is compliant with Intel’s Thermally Advantaged Chassis (TAC) standard that promises superb thermal efficiency while minimizing acoustic noise levels generated from the cooling fan running at higher speeds. In addition, the aesthetically clean design brings in a higher level of taste and life-aesthetics. The Asus Vento TA-B1 meets the Thermally Advanced Chassis (TAC) standard that provides a perfect mechanical fit and functional compatibility to properly support system operations. The CAG 1.1 side panel generates smooth airflow to lower CPU and video card temperatures; and the adjustable air-duct ensures airtight contact with the CPU to efficiently funnel cool air towards the CPU.

The Asus Vento TA-B1’s drive bays and front input/output ports are discretely covered for a simple and elegant outlook, while the blue LED power button and hard drive indicator presents the very best in minimalist style. Another considerate design feature comes in the way of the dust filter, which is contained within the CPU air-duct to keep the interior of the casing clean. Asus Vento TA-B1 comes in 2 colors.